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LeSEA Tours is a ministry under the much larger worldwide outreach of LeSEA Broadcasting, the Lester Sumrall Evangelistic Association. LeSEA Broadcasting exists to reach out to the lost across the globe and to provide families with an alternative to secular television. God gave Dr. Sumrall a vision to reach the untold billions yet untold and empower believers like you to grow in your spiritual walk. We take this mission very seriously as we partner with friends like you to reach across the globe with the Good News of Christ. Our multi-faceted ministry includes television and satellite broadcasting, international shortwave radio, Bible distribution, a 24/7 World Harvest Prayerline and much more. By joining us on a LeSEA Israel Tour, you are participating in a tradition that dates back to the 1960’s when Dr. Sumrall began officially hosting tours to the Holy Land. He had a deep love for this land and it was in Israel where God gave him direction for our ministry. The last 45 years have provided LeSEA Tours with the knowledge and relationships necessary to provide a life changing experience to each person who travels with us. We work closely with the Israel Ministry of Tourism, our ground personnel and guides to prepare a well-planned spiritual pilgrimage. Each day we find our Bibles coming to life before our eyes! Israel is like no other place on earth. This is the exact spot our Lord chose for His home! We promise you will not return the same! LeSEA believes that traveling to Israel is an opportunity of a lifetime. We know God draws people to this Holy place and it is here that people draw near to Him. Lives are transformed, eyes are opened and your relationship with Christ will forever be stronger! We are very excited for what God has in store for you!

Meet the Team


Pete Sumrall

The Living Legacy of Peter Andrew Sumrall

One of the last commands Jesus gave His disciples upon His ascension into heaven is famously known as The Great Commission: “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and of the Holy Ghost” (Matt. 7:19, KJV). Peter Andrew Sumrall dedicated his life to fulfilling the final words of Christ. Peter Sumrall passed away December 5, 2015, but his love for the peoples of the world and his work to empower them through the gospel will continue through the work of LeSEA.


Kate Suski

Israel Tour Director

A great deal of work goes into planning and executing each Israel tour and that’s where you will find Kate Suski.  Kate works behind the scenes with the airlines and our friends in Israel, carefully constructing each step of your journey.  Kate also travels with each group, so when you travel with LeSEA you are not alone.  Kate and her Israeli staff are prepared to answer your questions, address any concerns and ensure that all the details of your life changing pilgrimage are carried out.


Luminita Vasilescu

Israel Tour Specialist

When you call LeSEA Tours, you will likely speak to Luminita Vasilescu.  “Lumi” has been with LeSEA Tours since 2006 and is a valuable member of our team. Lumi is one of those rare gems in the work place and in life who is a delight to know.  She truly cares about you and your pilgrimage to Israel.  Her knowledge and skill of travel combined with her huge caring heart has helped facilitate hundreds of people’s dreams of visiting the Holy Land come true.

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