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Are you a Pastor?

Learn how to earn a free trip to Israel!

We believe that traveling to Israel is an opportunity of a lifetime for every Christian. We know God draws people to this Holy place, and it is here that people draw near to Him. Lives are transformed, eyes are opened and your relationship with Christ will forever be stronger!

Pastors who take a pilgrimage to the Holy Land find the experience to be personally rewarding and those rewards flow into their ministry.  Imagine returning to your congregation with new passion, a deeper spiritual relationship with Christ and a Bible that went from black & white to color!  Now imagine actually traveling with members of your congregation or leadership team and connect with your spiritual family at a whole new level.  The spiritual bonding that occurs when a church travels together to Israel can easily start a revival in your ministry.

Travel to Israel FREE!

LeSEA Tours offers Pastors and group leaders a special opportunity – We call it “co-hosting” and when you ‘host’ a small group to the Holy Land in November, you will earn free trips!

Here’s how: In November, when you refer a group of ten people who pay full price, you will receive one free tour package in return. Refer ten people and earn one free package!  There is no limit to the number of free trips you can earn.  Please note however that each free tour package must pay taxes and fuel surcharge fees.

How does it work?  Simple!  Share your love and enthusiasm for the Holy Land with your congregation and have them contact us for information.  Anyone that signs up that is referred by you will be credited towards your free trip(s).  We take care of all the details.

Contact us for a free information packet.