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What’s New?

What’s new at LeSEA Tours?

kateWe have a brand new edition to our LeSEA Tours family and her name is Kate Suski! AND, she just so happens to be the daughter of the LeSEA Tours Director, Kim Suski. We are all so happy that Kate is on board with us and we’re excited to see how God is going to work through her in our tours to the Holy Land!

Kate is a devout Christian woman who believes in the importance of traveling to Israel. “You are literally walking in the footsteps of Jesus! It doesn’t get much better than that.” She believes that every Christian should travel to Israel at least once in their lifetime. “This tour is more than a vacation. It is an experience. Truly, it is a pilgrimage and it will change your life forever, guaranteed!”

Thanks to Dr. Lester Sumrall, LeSEA Tours has been escorting tours to the Holy Land for 50 years this November! Come and join us on an adventure through the Scriptures as we see the Bible come to life before our very eyes.